Michael Moskie


Electronics design engineer, software developer, product director, entrepreneur. Technically proficient with: Altium Designer, EagleCAD, Solidworks, Autodesk Fusion 360, ARM/AVR/PIC/Arduino, C++, C#, Python



Electronics Engineering Lead

  • Developed electronics to increase the throughput of our wafer inspection tools by 10x, while maintaining compatibility with our existing software suite.
  • Led a multi-disciplinary team of engineers to create a generalized inspection tool for semiconductor manufacturing, enabling customers to inspect wafer masks, and wafers with a single tool. (US Patent #10,254,214)
  • Simplified legacy designs, reducing BoM cost by ~95% while increasing the capabilities of the tool.
  • Developed embedded control systems for automated inspection tools for various industries.
  • Played key role in standardizing two companies design, and documentation procedures during an acquisition.
  • Implemented automated programming and test procedures for electronics assembly.
  • Implemented FA procedures as part of a feedback loop into our design process.

Pillar Printing

  • Developed Python based web interface for networked 3D printing, removing the need for a user to install any software.
  • Created distributed slicing software to allow slicing on AWS servers for a faster preprocessing step than slicing on the embedded hardware in the printer.
  • Designed and implemented a new electronics package to facilitate remote printing, while increasing the safety of the machine through the implementation of interlocks, and filament sensing.

Rapid Innovations

  • Designed embedded systems for specialized products, ranging from industrial automation, to multi-rotor aircraft controllers.
  • Developed firmware and electronics to enable mesh-networking between multiple multi-rotor aircraft.
  • Created pass/fail jigs for automated PCB testing, providing manufacturing with an immediate feedback loop.